Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Garden

For the past three years we have been gardening, and I think I say it every summer. Gardening in this Florida heat just doesn't work for me! It always starts out well, with good intentions and lots of anticipation...but then the heat comes. We have pickle worms, I've burned the leaves off the okra trying to protect them and we can't seem to water enough to keep the plants happy.

I've decided I enjoy fall gardening much more. 

Some of our fall bounty

But fall gardening didn't come without it's mishaps either.

We lost all of our peas and butternut squash to the freeze.

From fall we got carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, strawberries and lots and lots of lettuce. Summer gardening has not been all bad though, we have gotten some zucchini which I have been trying to grow for the last three years and have never gotten one. We have some tomatoes on the way, whoo hoo! The garlic that we planted in the fall is finally getting ready, the green beans have done pretty well, and we still have onions in the ground.  So it has not been all bad, but things are not looking good. Ants have decided to take up residence in the zucchini plants, and I already mentioned some of our other problems. 

Though its looking dim we're still trying! I've made my own compost tea, thanks to this post at Simple Green Frugal Co-op and I've learned to only spray my dish soap/water mixture in the evening or just use Neem Oil to keep the bugs at bay.

Let's just hope this heat doesn't get everything!

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