Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh tomatoes!

Have I mentioned that I love having a garden? Well I do. This is my third year gardening at home and while I am no master gardener it brings me great joy to watch over and love on some plants with the hope that they will provide me with some produce.

Here it's all organic, free of pesticides and chemicals...this does cause me some frustration though. Pickle worms have been the end of many of my vegetables over the past three years and it seems nothing will keep them away, except that which I refuse to use.

Nothing got the tomatoes this year though! I have never done so well with tomatoes before, I have just been giddy when I go out into the garden and come back with more tomatoes than I can fit in my fists. You can only eat so many salads with tomatoes so this year I had to find something else to do with my lovely batch of tomatoes before they went bad. So I am making my very own marinara sauce.

Who knew that preserving tomatoes was such a process? It took me a couple of hours to blanch, shock, peel and de-seed my small batch of tomatoes.

They are pretty aren't they? I grew three different varieties and they are each wonderful!

I had a little observer, she ate some cucumber that the pickle worms didn't get too.

Now they are waiting to be made into sauce...I can't wait to taste it!

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  1. You'll definitely have to tell me how it goes! You could make ratatouille with lots of tomatoes. Really easy and put it on some pasta with some cheese and it's delicious!