Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lazy days of Summer.

So it's been awhile. I really don't have any excuses besides it's summer and I have given into it's lazy days.
Our days have't consisted of much and we have no schedule...this makes it hard to for me to get motivated to do much other than what is absolutely necessary.
I have been doing a good amount of cooking, especially recipes from pinterest, I have way too much fun finding recipes there! My husband, mister routine, is getting tired of trying new things. If he had it his way we would eat the same 7 meals over and over.

I made this yummy pasta last week. It was the perfect summer meal, I even made my own pasta!

I have also been doing a little crafting for the Little Ones birthday that is fast approaching! We aren't having a grand birthday party, just a little family celebration but I can't help myself when it comes to party decorating!

The Little One is staying busy getting into everything imaginable and WALKING everywhere! I guess it's time to get some shoes. How is this all happening so fast?! The mister has next week off so we are planning for more laziness, and maybe a day trip to the beach! We will be soaking up this last bit of summer that's for sure!
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