Thursday, November 15, 2012

Small World.

Lately with the teeth and the ear infection my world has felt very small. Today it felt like the end of the world would the Little One would not nap, at all. Then I lost my patience with more than one thing, the pulling things out of the trash can, the dumping and eating of the dog food, I just wanted to call it a day and go to 5:45 in the afternoon.

Then, while waiting for the water to boil for the rice she started fussing and whining. I asked what she wanted and she said 'Momma', melted my heart. I picked her up and she gave me the sweetest hug and patted my could I be frustrated with someone so full of sweetness?

Not too long after that she was off doing something else that made me want to yell and I was agitated all over again. This parenting thing is full of ups and downs isn't it? She repeated her sweet hugs several times this evening and I am so glad she did.

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