Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting out

I am realizing that going out ANYWHERE is quite difficult when toting a baby around, again this is something that I was told before I gave birth but did not really get until I was trying to go somewhere with the baby.

We have been lucky that we haven't had to go out much. The only outings that we have really had a set time we had to be there have been doctor appointments and we have been late to all but one of those. We are late even after waking up 2 hours before we have to leave the house- I used to be able to get up 30 minutes before I was supposed to leave and be on time!

I was so excited to go to a nearby town's pumpkin festival this weekend- we dressed up Emma Rose as a strawberry, I got all decked out in my farmer getup and hubby halfheartedly dressed up. The weather was supposed to be great, we even decided that we should have our 'farm dog' accompany us. We loaded up the stroller, the diaper bag, the baby, the dog and drove 20 minutes to the festival. We then unloaded the stroller, diaper bag, baby and dog and trekked to the festival. I will NEVER do that again. There were too many people, the stroller was hard to maneuver, it was hot, everywhere to eat had a long line, the dog wanted to sniff everything and visit with everyone, there was no place for me to breastfeed besides in the grass with toddlers running here and there. It was a mess! There were lots of other families there and they looked like they were having a good time, they must have mastered this getting out of the house thing.

Even after this experience we decided to make another trip out the same day. What can I say, we are gluttons for punishment. The next outing was not nearly as trying though. We headed out to a local farm only about 10 minutes from our house who was having an open house sort of thing. There was a pumpkin patch, a maze, a hayride, and of course a gift shop. This time we did not bring the stroller, and hubby carried her in the baby bjiorn. There were not too many people so we weren't dodging other kids and strollers the whole time. We rode the hay ride, fed some cows, did the maze and even attempted to take some pictures of Emma Rose in the pumpkin patch- she was not into it as you can see.

We have another doctor's appointment this week, hopefully we will make it on time!


  1. Oh my! Sounds like quite the day, I'm glad the second outing went better than the first though. I love Emma's hat!

  2. Aunt Abby gave it to her, I love it!