Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nobody tells you...

Since I have entered into Mommyhood I feel like there are so many things no one ever tells you...or is it that they tell you but you in no way can understand until you live it.
For example I knew that new parents got little sleep but no one tells you that because you are the mommy it is going to be YOU that gets the least amount of sleep because you are the only one who can feed that baby (if you are exclusively breastfeeding of course). Which brings me to another thing no one tells you:

For the first few weeks it is going to feel like your nipples are going to FALL OFF. Holy smokes, I have no way of describing the pain. Sure, you read that your nipples are going to be sore, but I don't think that is a strong enough word! And then they tell you, "if it hurts, you're doing it wrong" well what the heck was I doing wrong?! She seemed full and content, her lips were doing the "fish thing", you couldn't see my areola, it all looked right but I sure did want to cry. Finally after about 5 weeks I could shower without wincing when the water hit my breasts.

You read about how your hormones are going to be all out of whack, but I wish someone would have said- "hey, when you're the most sleep deprived you have ever been in your life AND your hormones are going crazy you are going to feel like it is the end of the world cannot find anything to wear (the maternity clothes are now too big and the pre-pregnancy clothes sure don't fit either), you forgot to shower that day, the baby has been crying for 40 minutes and you finally remember to check her diaper (duh, isn't that one of the first things to check) or fill in the blank with any other minor mishap.

About those clothes- I wish someone would have told me to buy more exercise pants. They are great for the beginning of pregnancy when you don't quite fit into maternity stuff but they are REALLY great after you have the baby and the maternity stuff no long fits and you don't want to even look at your pre-pregnancy jeans.

These are just a few things, I won't even get into the changes your body goes through...that's a whole other rant. Even after all that I know it's all worth it and we are so blessed to have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I thank God for her everyday and for my sweet husband who is walking with me on this journey (I now have a new found respect for single parents). Here are a few pictures of our little one.

 Brand new baby

 One month, trying out our cloth diapers!


  1. Yay! You're back to blogging! One step towards normalcy. :) And very well said and SO true. Love you and miss you lots!

  2. I am glad you got on to me for not reading your I know that you are sharing your breasts with cyberspace? Yes, I made a google account just so I could follow your blog. I love you!!

  3. Aw! I had no idea you were blogging! How wonderful to hear the sweet heart of a new mommy! I want to come give you a big hug! And Emma Rose too! I wish I had blogged! I love your honesty and I just love you too! Hope we get to see y'all soon!