Monday, December 5, 2011

Real Food: Week Six

Last week's challenge of two new whole foods was fun! I tried watercress in our salads, it was strong but tasty and I ate steel cut oats one morning for breakfast, the texture was different but once I added bananas and a little maple syrup the hubby and I both enjoyed them. Yes, I hope you caught it, I got my husband to participate fully in last week's challenge! There was a few dirty looks but he was a good sport and did not complain about either food!

This weeks challenge is No Low-Fat, Lite, or Nonfat food products. The rules are:
"Do not eat any food products that are labeled as “low-fat,” “lite,” “light,” “reduced fat,” or “nonfat.”

I'm not big on low fat or nonfat products though I usually buy low fat sour cream and the hubby drinks skim milk, but I was a little confused as to why these were bad. It turns out that many products that have had fat removed from them have added sugar or hydrogenated oils to make up for the loss of taste. In addition, people tend to eat more of an item if it is labeled nonfat or low fat instead of a normal portion of the full of fat version. I did notice that my greek yogurt is made with skim milk and my soy milk is lite. I can cut out the yogurt but the soy milk is brand new and I will not waste an entire carton of milk. So minus the soy milk I will be participating in this challenge

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