Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grumpy mornings and Seperation Anxiety.

You know how I said I missed sleeping in and being on time? Well I really missed those things today. Getting us all out of the house for church on Sunday morning is always a challenge, but lately it seems to have gotten worse. Both the mister and I woke up grumpy this morning, it probably had something to do with the Little One waking up at 6:00am for the past two mornings instead of her usual 7:00am. We get through the morning and I put the Little One down for a nap-she got a good hour in before I had to wake her up, but because I HATE to wake a sleeping baby I didn't go in until late, which of course makes us late to church. This usually isn't a big deal but when we're both grumpy everything is a big deal.

The Little One's separation anxiety is getting worse. The hubby and I had a date night last night (the second one since the Little One's arrival) and my sister and her hubby came out to babysit. All was well until after dinner when she decided she was done for the day- maybe because she woke up an hour earlier than usual. My sister called to tell me she wouldn't go to sleep and was quite upset, thankfully we were already on our way home. Once we got home she calmed down and I put her to bed no problem. Then this morning in church the nursery worker came to get me and let me know that she was screaming and inconsolable, so we got her, calmed her down and headed home. It was the end of the service so we didn't miss anything but we barely got to talk to anyone but the people in the nursery since we got there late and left early.

I think we are slowly rebounding and everyone is feeling much better this afternoon but gosh I'm wondering if we are ever going to be able to go out to dinner AND a movie.

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