Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm back!

Yes I know it's been awhile. There are lots of excuses, the main one being that the computer got a virus and I thought I had lost ALL of my pictures. Yes there was some yelling and lots of calls to the husband to see if he could help me fix it. He couldn't. Luckily someone at church who is much more computer savvy offered to fix it right up, and she did! Yay for no lost files and a usable computer!

Update on what's going on in our little world. The roof is still not done, it is the never ending project. I cannot wait until it is over with and all cleaned up. Our yard looks like a mini tornado went through it with all of the debris.

The Little One is doing great, she is learning so fast and getting the mobility thing down WAY too fast. She is getting into everything, I had to move one of the lamps out of her room since she pulled it down twice. I think I took her lack of mobility for granted those first couple of months- she is wearing me out, and it is only going to get worse!  Right now she is attempting to crawl into her car seat and is yelling about it. She has also cut two teeth! Eating has become a little bit easier now.

This was the very first time she pulled up on anything!

We had a lovely Easter! We went to church all dressed up in our Springy clothes, including the Little One. However she did not leave in her pretty clothes since she of course, peed all over them. We dried them out and salvaged them for pictures later. We ate of yummy lunch and had an egg hunt with the husband's parents and the aunts, uncles and nephews.

This week is the hubby's birthday! I'm excited to celebrate with him and there will be no shortage of celebrating! On his birthday there will be our little family celebration, then on Friday a dinner with his side of the family and then on Sunday we will celebrate again with my side of the family! Lucky man he is!

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