Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer Garden

The summer garden was planted a few weeks ago and is now starting to flourish. Summer gardening is not my strong point, I usually do better in the fall but not this year! My lettuce grew a little, stalled and then bolted so it was all too bitter to eat. The carrots have been in the ground a LONG time and are still not big enough to do anything with, I'm hoping they will be edible soon. I am very hopeful for this season though.

I purchased my transplants from a local nursery that carries organic locally grown vegetables so I started out right! I have been diligent with my watering and fertilizing so far and it has paid off! I already have three tomatoes that have started and maybe a teeny tine zucchini!

My herb garden is happy as well, the oregano and rosemary are starting to take over the bed though. Basil is one of my favorite herbs but I always seem to kill it so maybe this year will be different!

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