Friday, May 11, 2012

Mini Tornado

Today I haven't felt so well but the Little One has been full of energy. Since my energy level is low there has been a lot of laying around watching her play. It has been really good entertainment! She has started babbling constantly when she plays and she sure does have a lot of say. Watching how something grabs her attention and how she is learning to use her body to navigate is just plain neat. I am thankful that she is happy to play by herself though she is getting into everything! This week she has broken a clock radio, dumped out two decks of cards, played in the dog's water, got into my yarn stash and pretty much everything else she can get her hands on! 

Yes mom I have pulled your purse off the chair and now I will empty it

Now I will pull everything off the refrigerator
Thanks for going to check on dinner so that I could pull all of your yarn out!

All these pictures came from one afternoon, the house looked like a mini tornado had passed through by the time she was done.

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