Friday, May 18, 2012

A Sweet Moment.

The Little One is taking an epic nap so I am hoping to get this post done in one sitting...we'll see. 

I have not shared this part of my life with the blog world yet but something happened that was just too good to keep to myself! On Wednesday afternoons I go and volunteer with elementary aged kids in a nearby city. This little city and I have a long history and I love it despite it's troubles. There are few opportunities for kids after school so for a few we offer a safe place to play, homework help, snack and some lovin. 

These boys love some basketball!

This last Wednesday we started to prepare for our end of the year program and one of our young girls decided she did not want to participate. After much prodding and encouraging by a volunteer this little lady began to sing.That girl has a special gift from God. Now I don't know if she knew she had it but we sure didn't. As I watched her shyly sing 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot' tears welled up in my eyes (this happens all the time now since I had the Little One) and I got chills. 

Now this may not seem like a big deal but oh it was! This little girl has had a difficult time and to hear the sweetness come out of her mouth when usually she hides her tenderness was a moment I will never forget.

We talked about David and Goliath this week and I asked them to recreate something from the story with clay.

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  1. How lovely! Thanks for sharing this sweet moment with us.