Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feeling Blessed.

This past week we started the project of re-roofing out home. Let me tell you, this is a BIG project. I was quite skeptical about us taking this on even though we have had experience with roofing before. Both of us attended a church summer camp during middle/high school that did home repair, including roofing, for individuals in need. We both ended up working at that camp as staff for several summers after high school and got a decent amount of experience. Even with this knowledge (or because of it) it made me nervous to do our own home. So we called a couple of companies and had them come out and give us a quote for what it would cost to roof our home and had my dad help us get a quote for the materials if we were to do it ourselves. The cost difference was quite SIGNIFICANT and what the materials cost was going to be was around what our tax refund was this year. So we are re-roofing our house. 

My dad has much more experience with roofs than we do and has been spearheading the project. I have been little to no help on the actual roofing since there is a Little One to watch and our roof is something steep! I used to be able to get up on a roof no problem, but not any more. 
 I knew that my husband and my dad wouldn't be able to complete the project on their own but I wasn't sure we would be able to get enough help (one of the reasons I was nervous about doing this) but I was wrong to worry. We have had people from my husband's work and people from our church out almost everyday that we have been working on this roof. 
We are so blessed. It is always amazing to me how God continues to provide for us even when we doubt that He will. The roof is not done but I am confident that it will be soon.

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