Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My secret Valentine

For the past two weeks I made it my goal to do something nice for my husband everyday until Valentine's Day. Now he would not approve of this since he thinks Valentine's is a silly commercialized holiday. So I had to be a bit sneaky, I did things that were nice, but not too nice, things that didn't seem too out of the ordinary (some he didn't even notice). Since I'm not perfect I think I missed a day here and there but I doubled up to make up for it. Here's what I did:

Feb. 1: Made him a nice big breakfast of eggs, bacon and grits.
Feb.2: Made chocolate chip cookies which are one of his favorites
Feb. 3: Wrote a sweet note and sent it in his lunch
Feb. 4: Let him choose the movie we rented
Feb. 5: Sent a sweet text message
Feb. 6: Nothing (it was a Monday and I was off my game)
Feb. 7: Brought him a treat to work from my Grandma's birthday party
Feb. 8: Missed this one too 
Feb. 9: I doubled up, we had lunch together AND I picked up all the trash in his car 
Feb. 10: I missed ANOTHER day (not my week I guess)
Feb. 11: Spent extra time on him during my prayer time
Feb.12: Let him play his video game (that I strongly dislike) with no mocking or eye rolling
Feb. 13: I had to make up all the days I missed so I, made a valentine for him with the Little One, did the dishes even though I cooked and we spent some quality time together playing UNO.
Feb. 14 Made a special breakfast of heart shaped pancakes.

Our marriage is not all roses and candy hearts but it is special and deserves to be treated that way and not just for one day or for a month but always. It is hard to remember that when we are exhausted from late nights with the baby, when we are stressed about bills or when we are just plain annoyed with each other. I plan on enjoying my new little Valentine today and I hope you all enjoy the day as well!