Monday, November 28, 2011

Real Food: Week Five

Week Four of the food challenge went alright- though I did make exceptions for the holiday traditions. I figured I did not want to cut things out that were apart of our Thanksgiving since I enjoy those things and it is a once a year occurrence. I did resist a Sonic hamburger on Sunday and waited to eat lunch until we got that was hard!

This week's challenge is 'Two new Whole Foods' the rules are:
" Try a minimum of two new whole foods that you’ve never had before."

I like this challenge! I went to the grocery store today planning on picking up Kale since it seems to be the trendy food of the moment. My store only carried a large package of cut Kale for $10.99! I was not paying that much so I picked up Watercress instead. I have never eaten it before and the package said it would be a good addition to salads or sandwiches. The other food I am planning on trying is steel cut oats, I have had a sample package in my pantry for some time now and I'm going to give it a try!

Though I have not been extremely strict about keeping to these challenges it helps me to be aware of what I'm putting in  my body. I have made a few changes to how I eat- I am now sweetening my coffee with maple syrup, no more refined sugar! I have a feeling that it is going to be even more difficult to stick with these challenges since the holiday season is now upon us but I am going to do my best!

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